In the middle of 2014, I was fortunate to meet Jonathan Taylor, who was putting together a book on Golf and Business. He asked me to write a chapter, a contribution. Most certainly he struck two great chords for me: (a) Golf as a life-long duffer and (b) Business. What fun really to connect up these two in context. Even more so, was the end result which included 30 other people who related their own experiences.

I am not suggesting you go out and buy it, well ok for $1 on Kindle it is kind of a bargain. But if you are at all interested and love golf, like I do and curious how others think of mixing the two, then in fact this might be a good read.

For me, I do not view Golf as a sales vehicle, but rather a much more important and equally fun activity that allows people to get to know me and of course me to know them. I have never trampled on the goodness of golf by shilling a product or service, I respect the game too much. However, I will most certainly state, that golf has led me to many great business deals over my career, so there must be something to it. Enjoy.