Game Changer Sales

Defined: We build pipeline and acquire customers for our Clients

Enterprise Sales    – Super Experienced Field Sales Person, Large Deal closer with contacts and history of success

Inside Sales            –  Experienced Sales Person, Deal closer, history of success, generally not in the field

Channel Manager –  Exceptional Sales Person, understands partner eco-systems and how to motivate thru 3rd parties

Lead Generation                           Appointment Setter

Social Marketing                           Sales Leadership

Sales Team Development            Marketing Leadership

List Acquisition

Enterprise Sales

Sales directors serve as the brain for sales teams. They are the leader of a team whose primary goal is to generate revenue and maximize profits. Sales directors must be able to manage a group of people while understanding how to sell to customers and implement a variety of strategies to make the sale. They are field based team members.

Sales Director Tasks

  • Meet sales objectives and goals.
  • Plan, direct and implement sales programs for one or more of the company’s product line.
  • Develop, forecast and monitor budget and utilize operational resources.
  • Maintain contact with key markets and customers, while maximizing potential volume.


Inside sales associates work from a sales office, building relationships and selling items or services to prospective customers over the phone, Internet. They work from lists of contacts, then prospect to drive pipeline / sales. In many cases, they follow prewritten scripts that relay the benefits of the products or services being sold to prospective customers.

Channel Account Manager

A Channel manager for sales is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with various partners and 3rd party sales teams. CM’s have a certain number of accounts to oversee, plus they are chartered to seek out and sign up new accounts.

Channel Manager Sales Tasks

  • Plan and forecast sales for assigned accounts.
  • Improve / Strengthen partnership sales teams commitment to sell contracted products
  • Prepare and present cost estimates and price quotations to accounts within the set pricing policy of the product lines.
  • Develop and implement the account’s business strategy and plan that will achieve the account’s objectives.
  • Realize short term budget revenue targets for accounts.
  • Monitor the execution of the account’s plan and take corrective actions.