How does our process differ from the typical sales-hire process?

For one, the costs. When a client signs up for a GCS project – the project is agreed upon with defined costs. There are no surprises, HR issues, hidden costs, and the myriad amount of challenges that arise with full time employees.

Of course, in many situations, employing a full time fully staffed sales team makes complete sense. Game Changers contends though this is not always the go to play. Given a lack of options for senior executives, the hiring treadmill of fire- re-hire process just never seems to measure up to the vision.

With GCS, measurement is constant and our motivation is not a paycheck – but retention and growth of your account. In an analytical world: GCS success is contract renewal. In the employee world, lack of success means – a new year new quota and hope the team does better.



How does it work?

Each engagement is naturally unique to the client. Our framing discussion is designed to understand the client vision and objectives in respect to time, measurement, effort level, targets, and optimal result.

This initial journey defines the potential for our mutual engagement encompassing costs, activities, term, and quantity. From these sessions we can arrive at a mutually agreed upon plan featuring the specifics and execution points relative to mutual success.

We put this plan into writing, an agreement. Game Changers allocates resources and the project begins. Key elements to the process is the communication process. This of course varies with each client.

We value a consistent and constant method of communication whereby we can discuss the project as a whole but feedback and activities in support of the project.



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