The Game Changer team has worked with and developed a vibrant Partner ecosystem, world-wide.  Please feel free to investigate and discuss with us or the partners directly about their special services that are vital for a growth business.


Accelerating CFO – Helping companies reach their financial potential faster

 Brian Califano and Scott Margolin were inspired to create AcceleratingCFO after realizing that there were many entrepreneurs and young emerging companies who were not realizing their full potential because they lacked a true finance partner.  AcceleratingCFO’s mission is teaching business owners the power of finance and business analytics and implementing best business practices and procedures employed by Fortune 500 companies to allow their business to reach their fullest potential.  OUr true passion is to take our collective years of experience as senior finance executives and help our clients maximize their net worth and their family time.

Brian F. Califano, Co-Founder & CEO:   (office) 917-528-1832,  (cell) 347-861-4434